Introducing Lost Cause Brewing Co

Introducing Lost Cause Brewing Co

We are thrilled to announce that our first beers will be making their debut at The Brewers Lectures in Bristol this coming April.

I (Colin Stronge), takes the helm on the brewing front, bringing to the table a globally recognised expertise honed through significant experience at prestigious breweries like Buxton Brewing Co, Black Isle, Marble Beers, and Salt Beer Factory. My journey in brewing has been acknowledged with the Brewer of the Year 2022 award by The Brewers Journal, a testament to my commitment to quality and creativity.

Together with my business (and wedded!) partner, Vik Kastenbauer Stronge, who has extensive experience in brand management from her day job at Fourpure and Magic Rock, we co-founded Lost Cause Brewing Co. 

Leaving my position at Salt Beer Factory to embark on this venture, I’ve felt the pace pick up more quickly than anticipated. "It’s all happened very fast. Faster than we expected, to be honest! We could have mulled it over for six months, or I could have looked at a different job – maybe in a different industry – but instead we thought ‘et’s just go for it, what's the worst that could happen...

Launching Lost Cause Brewing Co. marks my first solo venture into the brewing world, embodying our resilience and shared belief that great beer accepts no compromise. Each brew is a labor of love, reflecting my conviction that no cause is truly lost.

We aimed to create a range of beers that showcases our dedication to experimentation and innovation. With each brew, our goal is to push boundaries, challenge norms, and redefine the craft beer experience for our customers. Our line-up does not compromise on taste or quality, promoting a sense of exploration while remaining balanced and drinkable.

April 2024 is set to see us unveil our inaugural line-up of brews, including Me Myself & I, a tropically fruity pale ale, and In the Club Style, a robust 6% stout, alongside our core beer, Lully, a session pale ale.

To celebrate our launch, we'll be hosting exclusive events across the UK, inviting attendees to taste our indomitable spirit and ingenuity firsthand. Follow us on Instagram @lostcausebrewingco to stay updated on all events.

For those keen to taste our brews, they will be available online in April at

Retailers interested in stocking our products are urged to join our mailing list for a chance to secure limited kegs. 

Thanks for reading this far - we can't wait to get Lost Cause out there. 

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